STFs (Special Task Force)

STFs, or PvEs, are special missions that can be rerun as many times as you want to earn you reputation and fleet marks.
After each individual STF there will be a cool down of 30 minutes to stop you from playing the same STF over and over, but after the 30 minute cool down you will be able to play that STF again.

Reputation marks are used to level up all the tiers within the different reputation areas. Achieving each tier in each area will give you benefits such as being able to transwarp to the alpha/delta quadrants or give you new ground and space traits. Unlocking new tiers will also unlock more items to buy in the reputation store.

Fleet marks are used to donate to fleet holdings projects which will earn you fleet credits which in turn are used to buy fleet provisions such as ships, ship consoles, weapons, shields, etc.

Here is a list of STFs and the approximate number of fleet marks you will be rewarded for completing each STF. The number of mark awarded will depend on your teams performance, e.g. completing optional objectives. You also get an additional 50 marks for picking up your daily package (purple reward).

Note: This list is under construction. We are always playing through these STFs and will update this list as and when new STFs are released.

Queue Region Marks Marks Adv. Marks Elite
Assault on Terok Nor Ground
Atmosphere Assault Space 116 105+ n/a
Azure Nebula Rescue Space n/a
Binary Circuit Ground
Borg Disconnected Space 54 39+
Brotherhood of the Sword Ground 25
Bug Hunt
Unlock by completing The Dragon's Deceit delta quadrant mission
Ground 36 65
Colony Invasion Ground 60 n/a n/a
Core Assault Space
Counterpoint Space 112
Crystalline Catastrophe Space n/a
Days of Doom Space
Defend Rh'Ihho Station Ground 30
Dranuur Beach Assault Ground
Dranuur Gauntlet Space 70
Federation Fleet Alert Space 59 n/a n/a
Federation Starbase Blockade Space 65 n/a n/a
Federation Starbase Incursion Ground 70+ n/a n/a
Gateway To Gre'thor Space 57 67
Gravity Kills Space
Minor Instabilities Ground
Starbase Fleet Defense Space 113 n/a n/a
Storming the Spire Space 49
The Battle of Korfez Space n/a n/a 81
The Battle of Procyon V Space
The Breach Space
The Herald Sphere Space 27+
The Tzenkethi Front Space 114
The Vault: Ensnared Space 10 44 69
Twin Tribulations Space
Undine Assault Space 94 164 n/a
Undine Infiltration Ground 28
Viscous Cycle Space 30 40
Note: The number of marks awarded may differ depending on successful completion of optional objectives and doesn't include the daily bonus marks package.

Other Activities

There are other activities that will earn you fleet marks, such as the missions in the Defera Invasion Zone.

Hard missions on Defera are really easy but requires you to be in a team of at least 3 people. Completing all 4 hard missions will earn each team member 240 marks and should take less than 30 minutes in total.

Mission Difficulty Location Marks
Knowledge Is Key Hard City 60
Counter Offensive Hard Probe 60
Getting to the Bottom of Things Hard Power Plant 60
Uninvited Guests Hard Temple 60