Reputation Project Items

Below is a list of the special items you need for some of the reputation projects and where to get them.

Reputation Item Location
Lukari Protomatter Microcontainers Completing “Gravity Kills” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Tzenkethi Front” (Advanced or Elite)
Defeating Tzenkethi in the - Tzenkethi Battlezone
Task Force Omega Borg Neural Processors Complete “Infected: The Conduit (Advanced)”
Complete “Infected: Manus (Advanced)”
Complete “The Cure Applied (Advanced)”
Complete “The Cure Found (Advanced)”
Complete “Khitomer Vortex (Advanced)”
Complete “Khitomer In Stasis (Advanced)”
Complete “Into The Hive (Advanced)”
Complete “Hive Onslaught (Advanced)”
Complete Defera Mission “Temple: Uninvited Guests”
Complete Defera Mission “Probe: Counter Offensive”
Complete Defera Mission “Power Plant: Getting to the Bottom of Things”
Complete Defera Mission “City: Knowledge is Key”
Dyson Joint Command Voth Cybernetic Implants Defeating V-Rexes in the Voth Battlezone
Completing “Storming the Spire” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Borg Disconnected” (Advanced or Elite) and choosing Dyson Marks as reward
8472 Counter-Command Isomorphic Injections Completing “Viscous Cycle” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Undine Assault” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Undine Infiltration” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing the Dyson Sphere Space Battlezone and defeating Planet Killers
Earning a high bonus score in the bonus stage of the Dyson Sphere Space Battlezone
Delta Alliance Ancient Power Cells “Borg Disconnected” (Advanced or Elite)
“Bug Hunt” (Advanced or Elite)
“The Battle of Korfez” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing Kobali Mission “At The Gates” (Breaking the Wall) (every 20 hours)
Completing Kobali Mission “The Last Stand” (With Our Last Breath) (every 20 hours)
Iconian Resistance Iconian Probe Datacores Completing “Brotherhood of the Sword” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Gateway to Gre'thor” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “The Herald Sphere” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “At The Gates” (Breaking the Wall) on Kobali Prime (Daily)
Completing “The Last Stand” (With Our Last Breath) on Kobali Prime (Daily)
Terran Task Force Terran Gravimetric Inducers Complete 'Counterpoint' (Advanced)
Complete 'Counterpoint' (Elite) x2
Complete 'Assault on Terrok Nor' (Advanced)
Complete 'Assault on Terrok Nor' (Elite) x2
Temporal Defense Initiative Chroniton Buffers Completing “The Battle of Procyon V” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Days of Doom” (Advanced or Elite)
Completing “Miner Instabilities” (Advanced or Elite)
Defeating Starbase(s) in the in Badlands - Terran Empire Space Battlezone
Note: You can also create a reputation item by completing an Elite Compensation upgrade project (once per day).