Recommended Weapon Sets From Missions (Disruptor)

As you can now play through any mission at any level when levelling up your character, you can selectively choose which missions to do to make the best use of your time playing the game.

Here is a list of missions and the rewards you should choose if you are using a disruptor build.

Recommended Mission Rewards

It is recommended you get these rewards whilst you level up if using a disruptor build, to give you a good start for when you start end game activities.
Most of these mission rewards can be upgraded for free up to Mk XII

Under Construction!

Surface Tension

Counter-Command Sets

Blood Of Ancients

Resonant Disruptor Weapon Set

Echoes Of Light

Nausicaan Weapon Set

  • Console - Science - Nausicaan Siphon Capacitor Mk XII
  • Nausicaan Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII (optional)
  • Nausicaan Energy Torpedo Launcher Mk XII (optional)


House Martok Space Set

First Playthrough

  • Console - Engineering - House Martok Defensive Configuration Mk XII
  • Torg's Dishonored Bat'leth Mk XII [CrtH]x2 [Dmg]


  • House Martok Transphasic Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtD] [CrtH] [Proc]
  • House Martok Disruptor 360-Degree Energy Weapon Mk XII [Acc] [Arc] [Dmg]