Recommended Mission Rewards

As you can now play through any mission at any level when levelling up your character, you can selectively choose which missions to do to make the best use of your time playing the game.

Here is a list of must do missions and the rewards you should choose.

Skipping Missions

You can pretty much skip all the missions in the Mission Journal right to the very end, however, there are some missions you are required to do and there are some missions that are recommended to accept while you're skipping through them.

It is generally recommended to play each mission concurrently, from the start, until you get to level 11.  That way you will get a good feel for the game and also unlock Duty Officers, which will help you level up a little faster.

Once you get to level 11, then start skipping all the missions you can skip, doing the missions you can't skip and accepting and skipping the Task Force Operations missions.  If it doesn't look like you can skip a mission, change map/instance to force a refresh of the mission journal.

For help on skipping missions, watch the video;

Non-skippable Federation Missions

Klingon War

- Welcome to Earth Spacedock

Romulan Mystery

- Heading Out

Non-skippable Romulan Missions

From the Ashes

- Explore the Flotilla
- The Helix
- Crossroads at Crateris
- Gasko Blues
- The Search for New Romulus
- Turning Point


- Bigger Picture

In Shadows

- An Inside Job


- Secrets of Nimbus


- Voice of the Voiceless
- Small Packages


- Toward Freedom

Non-skippable Klingon Missions


-Duties of Command
- The Hunt Is On
- Space Chase
- Manhunt

Other Non-skippable Missions

Cardassian Struggle

- Lost and Found

Borg Advance

- Report on Borg Activities

New Romulus

- New Romulus Aid

Solanae Dyson Sphere

- Circles within Circles
- Supply Woes

Delta Quadrant

- Escalation
- The Kobali Front

Task Force Operations Missions

Klingon War

- Task Force Operations: Age Of Discovery
- Task Force Operations: Romulan Imperial Minefield

Romulan Mystery

- Task Force Operations: Romulan Mystery

Cardassian Struggle

- Task Force Operations: Cardassian Struggle

Borg Advance

- Task Force Operations: Borg Advance

New Romulus

- Task Force Operations: New Romulus

Solanae Dyson Sphere

- Task Force Operations: Solanae Dyson Sphere

Delta Quadrant

- Task Force Operations: Delta Quadrant

Recommended Mission Rewards

It is recommended you get these rewards whilst you level up, to give you a good start for when you start end game activities.
Most of these mission rewards can be upgraded for free up to Mk XII

Surface Tension

Although the Counter-Command Multi-Conduit Energy Relay provides additional Phaser Damage, Disruptor Damage, it also provides additional Radiation Damage and Photon Projectile Weapon Damage.  So, even if you're not planning on using Phaser or Disruptor, this console can boost your Photon torpedo damage.

Uneasy Allies

Romulan Imperial Navy Ground Set

The Romulan Imperial Navy Career-Specific Kit also includes Universal Kit Module - Plasma Feedback Cascade

Broken Circle

Reactive Armor Catalysts

Heals, gives temporary hit points and boosts crit chance.  Also unlocks in R&D to craft more

  • Reactive Armor Catalysts Pack


If you are playing as a Romulan, you should choose the Singularity Core and then replay and choose the Warp Core

Other characters need only choose the Warp Core

The Temporal Disentanglement Suite will give you increased shield capacity and resistance and also increase your critical chance and severity.

  • Temporal Phase Overcharged Warp Core
  • Temporal Phase Overcharged Singularity Core
  • Console - Science - Temporal Disentanglement Suite


Claiming the full “Sol” space set will help keep you alive in most circumstances as it gives you a power that you can set to auto which will give you a huge heal at low health

  • Sol Defense Deflector Array
  • Sol Defense Impulse Engines
  • Sol Defense Covariant Shield Array
  • Space Trait: Nanite Repair Matrix

The Temporal Front

Na’kuhl Temporal Operative Ground Set will give you extra crit chance and crit severity

The Na’kuhl Temporal Operative Assault is also plasma based so will work well with the set from Uneasy Allies above

  • Na'kuhl Temporal Operative Personal Shield
  • Na'kuhl Temporal Operative Assault

Temporal Reckoning

The Temporally Shielded Datacore will give you Physical Damage resistance, Kinetic Damage resistance, Starship Exotic Particle Generator and Starship Control Expertise

  • Console - Science - Temporally Shielded Datacore


The Trellium-D Plating will give you All Damage resistance, additional Starship Hull Capacity, increase Maximum Shield Capacity and add 7.5% of your Auxiliary power to your Shield power as bonus power

  • Console - Engineering - Trellium-D Plating

Beyond The Nexus

Trilithium Weapon Set

1 – 2 Players Only

Even if you don’t plan on using Phaser, the Console – Engineering – Reinforced Armaments will help boost your Power Transfer Rate, Hull Restoration and Hull Capacity.

The Renegade’s Regret

Space and ground traits that will give you all damage resistance when hit from behind or the sides

  • Space Trait: Redirected Armor Plating
  • Ground Trait: Watch Your Back

Recommended Weapon Sets From Missions

It is recommended you get these weapon sets whilst you level up, to give you a good start for when you start end game activities.

Click on the image headers for a list of recommended missions for those weapon sets.


2.5% Chance: One random subsystem offline for 5 seconds.


2.5% Chance: -10 all damage resistance for 15 seconds.


2.5% Chance: __ plasma damage per second for 15 seconds (ignores shields).


2.5% Chance: -__ damage to all shields.


2.5% Chance: -27.5 all current power levels for 5 seconds.


Standard antiproton weapons do not have any special abilities (procs) but they do have an increased DPS.

STO Wiki: Damage Types