Kobali, Sol and Quantum Phase Comparison Table

Comparison originally found @ http://www.libertytaskforce.com/forum/m/13290647/viewthread/7842341-space-sets-simple-comparison-table by GeorgeDp

(available from the Dust To Dust Mission)
('Sol' set - available from the Midnight Mission)
(available from the Stormbound mission)
+5 Sh
+5 Aux
+35 Shield Emitters
+17.5 Structural Integrity
+8.8 Shield System
+8.8 Inertial Damp
+5 Aux P
+26.2 Hull Repair
+35 Shield Emitters
+17.5 Inertial Dampers
+17.5 Power Ins
+35 Shield Emitters
+26.2 Shield Systems
+17.5 Flow Cap
+26.2 Power Ins
SHIELDS 7142.4 Cap
10% Bleed
254.4 Regen

+10% Incoming Hull Healing
7227 Cap
10% Bleed
150.6 Shield Reg

Reduces All Energy Damage to Shields by 10%

+15 Incoming Shield Heal
6241.5 Cap
5% Bleed
190.7 Reg

+10% Incoming Shield Healing to Self

230 Shield Regeneration applies once to each facing from:
-Tachyon Beam
-Charged Particle Burst
-Energy Siphon
-Tyken's Rift
-Viral Matrix
-Destabilizing Resonance Beam
ENGINES +8.5 Turn Rate
3% to 10.5% Recharge Time reduction on Hull and Shield Healing Bridge Officer abilities
+4.5 Turn Rate
When hit by Directed Energy attacks you have a 25% chance to gain +3.5% Turn Rate and +0.75% Defense for 15 sec. This effects stacks up to 5 times.
+0.87 Turn Rate
While Full Impulse is active and for 15 seconds after:
+26.2 Starship Flow Capacitors
+26.2 Starship Particle Generators
+26.2 Starship Electro-Plasma Systems
WARP CORE +7.5 additional Shield Power
+5 Maximum Shield Power
+17.5 Starship Hull Repair

Adds 7.5% of your Shield Power to your Auxiliary power as bonus power

50% recharge time reduction to Slipstream
2 PIECE SET BONUS 0.6 Hull Regeneration 5 Kinetic Damage Resist
+25 All Energy Resist
3 PIECE SET BONUS When receiving damage while at 25% or less hull hit points 100% chance to apply:
15000 Temporary Hit Points for 15 sec
(Can occur once every 120 seconds)
Discharge Repair Nanites
Affects Friend and Self (5 Max)
10 kilometer Sphere
2 min recharge
+X Hit Points to allied ships within 10km radius (max 5 targets)
Affected ships restore +X Hit Points to allied ships and fighters in 3km radius
4 PIECE SET BONUS Affects Friend and Self (20 max)
5 kilometer Sphere
2 min recharge
When receiving energy damage nearby allies receive hull healing equal to 20% of incoming damage for 15 sec