New Romulus Historian

The History Of New Romulus

The Datachip - The History of New Romulus is an item awarded from the Assignment: Research History of New Romulus, available from the Romulan Historian in the Staging Area of the New Romulus Adventure Zone, and contains the "The History of New Romulus" written on 6 volumes with up to 8 chapters each. The volume and chapter of any given Datachip - The History of New Romulus awarded is randomized. Reading/Opening this consumable item (charges 1/1) will grant the player with an accolade for the chapter specified by the Datachip.

The History of New Romulus

Volume 1
3 chapters

Volume 2
3 chapters

Volume 3
3 chapters

Volume 4
7 chapters

Volume 5
8 chapters

Volume 6
7 chapters

New Romulus Research

This research was aquired participating in special missions on New Romulus. Visit the Historian on New Romulus for more information.


This item can be obtained by responding to the zone-wide announced Distress Calls, and assisting in the given task. The reward varies based on overall and personal performance from 1 item (plus 1 Romulan Marks) if the objective fails, up to 10 items and 10 Romulan Marks for making 1st place.
Additional [New Romulus Research] can be obtained during the daily repeatable Storyline Missions from the New Romulus Reputation System (Tier 1 upwards).

Repeatable Daily Missions

Mountain Base - 3 New Romulan Research
Overgrown Caves - 3 New Romulan Research