Frequently Asked Questions

What reward will I get for completing mission x?

Do I get a ship at level x? What ship do I get at level x?

Can I fast travel to places around the galaxy?

How do I complete my personal endeavors?

What weapon types should I use? What shield do I need to protect from these weapon types?

Are antiproton weapons the best?

What are all the bridge officer and character abilities and what do they do?

Where can I buy commodities (Provisions, Industrial Replicators, etc)?

What are all the special duty officers and where do I get them?

Where can I get reputation project items (Borg Neural Processors, Iconian Datacores, etc)?

Mission Specific Questions

Takedown: What is the correct sequence for deploying allied reinforcements?

Coliseum: How do I access the computer consoles?

History of New Romulus: What are the datachips needed to complete the accolade?

History 102 Alpha Quadrant Midterm: What are the correct answers to pass the exam?

Other Questions

STO Gamepedia FAQ

I have got a technical problem with my STO character/account, how can I contact support?

I've found a bug/problem with STO, how can I report it?