Personal Endeavors

The Personal Endeavor System, much like the Universal Endeavors, are random tasks for Level 60 or higher characters. Every day at 10:00 UTC three randomly assigned tasks are granted of various difficulties - one being easy, one being medium, and one being hard. Unlike Universal Endeavors, these ones are unique for everybody instead of being one game-wide endeavor. Completing Personal Endeavors rewards Endeavor XP and [Personal Endeavor Prize Packs] based on the appropriate difficulty.

Completing an Easy Personal Endeavor will give 650 Endeavor XP and an uncommon Prize Pack. Completing a Medium Personal Endeavor will give 3,200 Endeavor XP and a rare Prize Pack. Completing a Hard Personal Endeavor will give 8,000 Endeavor XP and a very rare Prize Pack.

For a list of known Personal Endeavors, please see the Personal Endeavor List. For tips on how to complete a specific Personal Endeavor objective, please see the Personal Endeavor tips page.

Endeavor Tips

These are a community-created page listing tips and strategies for completing Personal Endeavors. It is a work in progress, constantly being updated.  For a more up-to-date listed see

Endeavor Locations Tips
Deal Damage (ground) Nimbus III, Voth Battlezone, Kobali Prime Certain sections of the Home mission is also good for ground damage
Deal Damage (space) Patrols, Battlezones Crystalline and Cure Found are quick easy TFOs for space damage
Defeat Borg (ground) Defera Invasion Zone
Defeat Captains (ground) Various Home mission, Mycelial Realm (last part) and Nimbus III stronghold
Defeat Dewan Arthropods (ground) Nimbus III In the desert
Defeat Gorn (ground) Nimbus III In the canyon
Defeat Hur'q Attendants (ground) Mission Home
Defeat Terran Empire (ground) Various Ragnarok, Para Pacem and Illusion Of Communication missions
Defeat Tholians (ground) Nukara Prime
Defeat Tzenkethi (ground) Mission Of Signs And Portents (up to 60 available)
Defeat Undine (ground) TFO Undine Infiltration
Defeat Vaadwaur (ground) Kobali Prime
Defeat Voth (ground) Voth Ground Battlezone
Defeat Borg (space) Various Cure Found is the fastest, also Borg deep space encounters
Defeat Destructible Torpedoes (space) Various Carraya system patrol, Operation Riposte TFO, Sentinels patrol and Undine Battlezone
Defeat Dreadnoughts (space) Various Dranuur Gauntlet, Peril Over Pahvo, Hive Onslaught TFOs
Defeat Herald (space) Mission Beginning of Blood Of Ancients or Midnight
Defeat Hur'q (space) Various The Search and Home missions and Gamma Quadrant Battlezone
Defeat Terran Empire (space) Badlands Battlezone
Defeat Tholian (space) Various Archer system patrol and Azure Nebula Rescue TFO
Defeat Tzenkethi (space) Tzenkethi Battlezone
Defeat Undine (space) Undine Battlezone
Defeat Voth (space) Solonae Dyson Sphere Main area or Voth Space Battlezone
Complete Borg TFOs Cure Found and Infected The Conduit
Complete Iconian TFOs Bug Hunt and Gateway To Gre'thor
Complete Lukari TFOs Any but avoid Gravity Kills
Complete Competitive Wargrames TFOs Binary Circuit is the quickest but requires 10 people and isn't included in randoms queues
Gain Salvage Various Adventure/Battlezones and Patrols
Harvest Materials (Ground) Mission Sphere Of Influence has 2 materials in first area, collect, abort then restart
Harvest Materials (Space) Various Jouret, Japori or Carraya system patrols, Fluid Dynamics mission
Healing (Ground) Nukara Prime Enter an acid pool or toggle your EV suit to damage yourself
Hull Healing (Space) Various Remove your shields and do Adventure/Battlezones and Patrols
Shield Healing (Ground) Various Kobali Prime and Nukara Prime
Shield Healing (Space) Adventure/Battlezones and Patrols
Win GPL playing Dabo Various Deep Space 9 if specifically mentions "Quarks" or go to Drozana or use a Ferengi D'Kora (theres a dabo table on the bridge)